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Claybook Xbox One Content Update is now available

The first content update is now available on Xbox One. The content update brings three new chapters, over 25 new clay shapes and lots other improvements.

List of changes in the Xbox One Content Update

- Three new chapters (Three Tanks, Cake Rush and Rocket Racer).

- Over 25 new clay shapes. Most of the new shapes can be used as playable clay

shapes and all of them to create custom chapters.

- Game progress, books, and chapters selection menu overhaul. Books and chapters reorganized into smaller chunks.

- Many chapters received gameplay and visual improvements.

- Outdated chapter images have been updated.

- Game trial experience has been improved and polished.

- All of the in-game and button info texts has been scaled up.

- Motion blur strength can now be adjusted through video settings.

- The editor "add new item" dialog now has name and description for each item.

- Safe zones have been configured to most of the user interface elements to support devices that use safe zones.

- Fixed launch issues where the player was able to launch the game before necessary data was downloaded & installed.

​Try or buy Claybook from Xbox Store

Xbox Game Preview Launch Trailer

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